How 360° Works


Get Noticed and Get Hired

360˚ provides job seekers

with services that will help you

Get Noticed and Get Hired.

Looking for a job or new career is stressful.

We’ve made the coaching process

personal, powerful, simple & affordable!


Whether you’ve just graduated or find yourself on the job market seeking a new career after years on the job, 360˚ can provide you with the type of coaching and resume services that will make a real difference in your job search. How?


FIRST, select the service that suits your needs:







NEXT, select a coach from our outstanding group of over 300 pros from 55+ industries and set up an appointment.


We then take you step by step through the process as we gather the necessary information and get you signed up for your service.


A Webcam and FREE Skype Connection Make the “Personal” Possible!

For 360ºJobInterviewCoaching and 360ºJobCareerCoaching, you must have access to a webcam in order for us to give you the thorough interview training you need to nail the interview. Our resume writing services just require Internet access and a phone!

Don’t have a webcam?

You can find very reasonable prices on webcams at any local electronics store or, if you have time, online. If that’s not an option for you, there are libraries as well as computer rental options available in most areas. And don’t forget your best resource – friends and family. Ask your circle of friends if you can borrow time on their computer. Training sessions are just an hour in most cases, and if that one-hour leads to your finding a job, what could make your friend happier?


Want to purchase a webcam? Just $19.99 and FREE SHIPPING

As we mentioned, there are a lot of reasonably priced options on the internet.  Check out this one available through Skype – it works great, is affordable and cute!  FREETALK® Buddy Cam.


THEN, if you don’t have Skype already you’ll need to download it prior to your session. It’s easy to get signed up and best of all it’s FREE! Go to http://www.skype.com and download the 4.0 version. They’ll take you step by step with very easy to follow directions for your PC or Mac.


Skype is available for:


Windows (Business version)

Windows (Beta)

Mac OS X

Mac OS X (Beta)


find the help you need at: http://www.skype.com/help/guides/


You can find all the details on our services at Services & Fees.


And while you’re at it, check out the bios of our coaches at 360° Coaches. We put them all through an extensive screening process. We are proud to have gathered an impressive pool of knowledgeable, compassionate and personable coaches who are considered the best in their fields. (Yes, the interview experts had to go through a rigorous interview process themselves!) At 360º, you have access to coaches who are the best in their fields.

















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