Who We Are


These are challenging times.


360ºJobInterview.com has risen to the challenge, leveraging technology to provide personal and substantive services that will make a real difference in your job search.


Get Noticed. Get Hired.


At the heart of 360JobInterview.com are our human resource professionals-

300 and counting, all interview specialists – from a variety of industries – including yours.


360º coaches hail from the top tiers of corporate America, most having worked for Fortune 300 companies. Their experience spans interviewing and hiring at all levels.  First select a Coach Category and see for yourself. We think we have gathered an outstanding pool of qualified, experienced and capable coaches.


Where does technology come in? The best coach for you may be anywhere in the country or the world! And because of easy access to the Internet and webcam technology, we are able to offer the services of our interview coaches wherever they are -- LIVE, for one-on-one coaching or resume services wherever you are.


There are a lot of other interview “training sites” that offer pages of general interview pointers. At 360º we are real people, with real expertise and a commitment to giving you a leg up and a better shot at landing your next job.



Jeff Garber      Founder and CEO

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