We asked our some of our clients about their 360º experience.
Here's what they had to say.


Client:   Steve

360°JI:   How long were you on the job market? I was looking for a job for 3 months. During that time I had two phone interviews but was never called back for a second in-person interview. That’s when I went online and searched for some interview coaching.

360°JI: How was your experience with 360JI? My experience was very good. I found the website informative and easy to work with. I went on and read the coach bios. I worked with one coach and got a lot of good information.  Then went on again with another coach.  I wanted to get a different perspective.

Part of what I learned was how to list my strengths and communicate my skills and how they would match the company I was interviewing with.  Everyone was very nice, very helpful and I learned a lot.

360°JI: Do you think what you learned during your 360InterviewCoaching helped you land your job? Yes. I was able to make use of what I learned through my coaching sessions during my interview. And I did get the job. I am now a programmer with a healthcare company.  I would definitely recommend 360°JobInterview.com.





Client:  Paul
Chief Information Officer – IT



Client:  Kearney
Recent College Grad

Cleint:  Khaja
Product Design Engineer

















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